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I look forward to meeting you!

Jason T Olivier is the founder and owner of Olivier Law Firm LLC. He has over 30 years experience. Olivier was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. He attended Nicholls State University and then worked in radio and television before attending Loyola Law School in New Orleans. After graduating, he opened a private practice specializing in corporate, collection, and consumer rights. Within two years, he was a partner at Naccari, Deas and Pugh. His personal clients included the Benson family, as well as most of the major metropolitan New Orleans hospitals and clinics. He taught health care privacy, collection, and risk management. Practicing in the New Orleans metropolitan area, he is experienced in plaintiff, defense, corporate and business law. He was awarded knighthoods by both the Roman Catholic Church and Imperial Family of Vietnam for his worldwide charity work. He is an active member of his church, runs its music ministry, and enjoys working for the sick and poor. 

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My Motto

OMNIBUS VERITAS - in all things, truth


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

985.871.8172 ext. 1

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